a serie with garrysmod

hy I’m new here so I don1t really know if I can post this here…:confused:
Anyway I want to make a serie with garrysmod, the story will be about the rebels before HL2 I wrote episodes, plots and etc into an exercisebook all I need is YOU!! Yes I need poeple who help me shooting it so please help me! my e-mail is garrysmodseries@gmail.com if you want to join, contact me! it will be an a** kicking serie :wink:

Do you need voice actors? I can’t voice act, but I can make decent videos. Also, are you using Fraps?

I sent an email but I’m not sure if it went through. my email was chris_super_hero. If you didn’t get it, please add me here to discus what exactly you’ll need: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NeoGunHero

well I have some voice actors backing me up in my town so if you can’t do voice acting you can be still in :wink: