A series of old comics you may or may not have seen.

As some of you may know my pc monitor has died, gone to electronic heaven and leaving me with having to use a very very old monitor from the 90’s that can’t render all the colors and brightness of modern day games well, i don’t have any money to by a replacement monitor so for now i’m pretty much fucked.

And so with that gmod is unplayable, it’s too dark for me to see or make any comics with.

So because i can’t make anything new, i figured i’d post some old stuff.

Some of these comics were only posted in the personal skins thread so you may not have seen a few.

Comic #1 : Science gone wrong.
Backround infomation: A test comic on the first ever model i did faceposing for.


Comic #2 : What a father never wants to hear.
Backround infomation: pretty old comic now i suppose, can’t really remeber how i got the idea…


Comic #3 : An awkward interruption.
Backround infomation: Based on some things Halflambada and Fussy said to jason when he reacted to a picture of there personal skins kissing.


Comic #4 : Soul Eater.
Backround infomation: Karimatrix was scared of my old avatar of amy with a creepy face, and then she came and killed him, R.I.P. Karimatrix.


Comic(kinda) #5 : The most amazing battle.
Backround infomation: I have no idea.


Comic #6 : I’d hit it.
Backround infomation: Very old comic, experimental layout and style, never really stuck.


So yeah these are all the old comics i have that you may or may not have seen.

I still remember both the Amy and Father comic. Still funny and/or creepy.

Ah the memories. I remember most of these if not all of them.

I remember the one with me and Fussy

good times, good times…

Is it bad that I remember all of these?

I don’t think I’ve been around long enough to remember these, but I find the “I’d hit it” one brilliant.

The only one I remember is the Soul Eater.
Still all great and all made me laugh.

I lol’d at the “I’d Hit It” comic.

Just because that’s something my friends and I would do. :v:

The Father one made me actually laugh out loud.