A serious connection problem, freezing (I think?)


At first I thought that Rust was broken, but now I realize it’s far worse. It is working, but after a random time of entering a server I am unable to interact with any objects on the server. Animal doesn’t run away when I hit them and doesn’t die, rocks and wood piles won’t be mined. My friend observed this issue from a different perspective. For me, on my screen, I am running around doing all those things you need to for survival, on his screen, I am standing still, frozen, not moving. So I think this has something to do with that my connection to the server is lost, or that I just freeze somehow, making the game unplayable. During this time (which seems to last until i disconnect) I can get killed by NPCs and other players.

Now I turn to you, the community, to see if someone else has had this problem and fixed it, or if someone knows what needs to be fixed.

Also happening to me, I had to rejoin the server 7 times.

Sometimes I spawn without items and 0 food and can’t do anything
Sometimes I spawn with items but 0 food but can’t do anything.

Funniest part is I can read chat but unable to talk , lol

This has been happening since yesterday.

Same thing for me, if I disconnect and connect I get a few more minutes of play, the tricky part is to disconnect at the right moment. Sometimes I keep running and get killed from someone/something I cannot see, or hear. I can also read chat, and get response on things I write (for example; I took up my problem about all this in chat, and the guy said he was sure it was connection problems)

Why since yesterday? Was it patched then or something?

i think this is called ghosting, which is a known issue that happens to specific players, they’re working on it

Thank you for answering, I found the devpost on the Rust site: http://playrust.com/server-update/. The only thing that bothers me is it says; “From time to time”, for me it’s constant. But maybe it happens to some people more frequent than others?

I have this bug since the webplayer version of Rust^^
But i have this problem only on my computer i can play Rust from any other computer at home without any problems. Try it with another computer maybe it works then, good luck :wink:

I wished I had a stock of computers, but I don’t so I’ll have to live with this problem until the developers fix it. It’s easier now that my friend and I have finally found eachother, he tells me rather qucikly when I start ghosting, so I can just disconnect and connect again. It must be a nightmare for those who doesn’t have a friend nearby.

I have also noticed that I can, while ghosting, interact with animals and other players using guns and bows (meaning: I can shoot and kill, but not loot). This puts other players at a great disadvantage, since I can kill them, but they can neither hear me or kill me. Also, if I happen not to know that I’m currently ghosting, people will mark me as a hacker if I should kill them. This could get me banned from servers. I think this is one of the bugs and issues that should be prioritized because of this reason.

every time that i try to join a server a connection error appears on my screen. i tried everything with my wifi but it doesn’t work. can someone help me

Did you all miss the fact that the servers are being DDOS’d and has been today and yesterday? It worked for a few hours, but then the DDOS started again.

Some things happens during this and you pretty much said it all:

  1. Unable to connect to servers.
  2. Unable to gather resources/kill animals etc.

Did YOU miss out on the fact that while the servers weren’t being DDOS’d I were still ghosting. My friend could at the same time gather resources and interact with everything else. I just DC’d and re-connected. Ghosting and the DDOS attacks are two completely different matters.

I guess you didn’t even take the time to read my posts, and instead just saw the last one in the bottom, and made a very dumb comment based on that one, which didn’t even had anything to do with the rest of the thread.

Except the issue you are talking about is also directly related to the attacks at the current time. Yes, ghosting occurs anyway, but right now it is guaranteed to occur with servers only being up for minutes at a time until you ghost and are unable to reconnect if you try.

Lose the attitude.

So you are saying that during these DDOS attacks, I’m the only one on that server being affected? Just me, nobody else?

Too bad there’s no facepalm smiley on this forum, because I sure would want to use one right now.

That’s not at all what I said. Reread and try again.

No. But based on what I’ve previously written that is what anyone would make of that comment of yours. The issue I’m talking about has nothing to do with the current DDOS attacks, if they were, at the same time I’m ghosting, everyone else should too. WHICH THEY’RE NOT.

Listen to outlawpickle, you’re completely wrong.

I’m saying that right now, at this current time, everyone else IS ghosting. Outside of that, this is a known issue that you could have easily searched for and found the plethora of threads already discussing this issue.

About what exactly? That my problem isn’t ghosting but instead what he’s saying, DDOSing? Please tell me why during that time my friend can still move and interact with other objects, and I can’t? Shouldn’t we both be ghosting if that was the case?

Stop beating a dead horse. The answer you want doesn’t exist at this time and if you bothered to use the search you would know.

Yes I agree to that. But that wasn’t theme of my thread or posts. I was discussing ghosting while not being under DDOS attacks (which should be clear since I clearly wrote my friend could at the time I was ghosting, interact with object) which made me pissed at you in the first place for not reading the thread before making a reply.

To the OP. Posting your system spec’s might help us out a little here.
As 1% are and have been suffering this problem me included at first
till I did a little testing.