A Serious Soldier Walking Seriously Across A Pipe That Is Marginally Un-Serious Compared To The Seriousness Of The Soldier

Last pic for a little while, Apologies for the seperate threads.


Suddenly all of the soldiers muscles decide to flay themselves off at the speed of light

I don’t have any critique but if you know you’re going to post three pictures atleast get them into one fucking thread instead of making individual threads.

Just a note: JPEG compression obliterated the quality, I’ve updated it with a non-compressed version.

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Why post if you have no critique or comment on the picture? PM me for christ’s sake god damn.

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Seriously, PM me if you want to bitch and moan about the threads, I literally have nothing better to do.

Have you considered the fact i maybe, oh i don’t know, Typed and posted that without refreshing the page? Take it to PM’s, goddamnit,

Making you look like an imbecile in public is way more entertaining.

Oh so you admitted to trolling? It’s been fun.

Don’t come back.

Hey, I’m not the one clogging the front page and acting like a smart ass.

And I will leave, since there is nothing to see here.

I’m not acting a smartass, I am telling you the truth, Whereas you are being a vindictive git for no reason other than it gives you a semi.

He’s being a vindictive git because you’re posting effortless shit on a marathon, again.