A server admin job

I am Requesting a server, that dont have admins or someone to keep server favorited, so, i am asking:
Server - RP or SANDBOX
UPTIME: Non stop
Job: Administator/support helper
My activity: 3 - 6 hours a day
: teach players for wire, or e2
Kick mingebags that are really f******
If you need more information, post here and/or pm me

Yeah, because people are really going to employ an Administrator from an internet forum when they know nothing about them.

I do need admins pm me on steam and ill see if your a minge friendly admin ASSASSAIN56

Spartin560 i have added you

Add agentfaze to Steam.

I really dought anyone would take the bother of learning people wire or e2.

EDIT: What’s bad spelling in here?

Some people dont know e2 or wiremod, and want know it, bigger knowing = better admin

I’m hiring CS Surf, TF2, Build and Stalker server admins. The members at our community don’t seem to want to help with the servers so I’m looking elsewhere as well.


I know wiremod and e2. Can I have free admin pl0x?

Admin should be free anyway.

Donating for admin is a bad idea.

In response to Chlapecek96, you should work on some form of CV.

Dought. It’s supposed to be doubt.

Also I’d recommend you re-phrase everything, including the edit.

You can’t learn people wire or e2. I highly dought that.

i will give it a spin then if i’m allowed…

Server - RP or SANDBOX
UPTIME: i dont care
Job: Admin (lower is possible as long i have the kick command)
My activity: 2 - 8 hours a day

  • amusing players so they keep playing in the server
  • can learn them to wire. and share them my contraption’s
  • im always trying to keep it normal (with that i mean, i’m not like: L0ok @ m3!! i are adminz)
  • can give a tip here and there to the server owner.
  • speaking clearly Dutch and English
    if you want a extra admin/support just reply then…

(admin on 7 other server. 4 of them where closed down. the other 3 are not respecting me so i leaved)

got my own server. [Dr Evil’s] Epicfun Build

current having some problems so its closed :I

Im taking in admin apps contact me on steam ASSASSAIN56

Paying for admin is a bad thing. I believe the best admins are people you know personally who constantly play on your server. Hand pick your closest friends :confused:

Has everyone here being using learn instead of Teach for the whole thread?

sure i agree with you

some servers are in a big need for admins. also. if you want to know me better you can just add me.

I would love to be admin, but i cannot garantee any uptime, but i dont abuse admin powers or jail people for no reason.

I tried to satisfy my admin craving by making my own server but then my isp started throttling my entire internet down to 1/16 of what it used to be and now im stuck with slow internet. :frowning: