A server host scammed me, what do i do.

So i bought a server host that was fairly new but has great reviews, and i bought the server and it just never came and then i contacted support and all they did was make it look like it came even tho it didnt. So i contacted them again they said 2 seconds and that was 24 hours ago, how do i get my 50 dollars back, i never got my product and doubt i ever will. And before anyone says contact support, out of all the times ive contacted them i had to go directly to discord and spam them before i got a response within 5 hours, note this was after 12 hours of not getting what i paid for.

EDIT: The problem was the US servers sold out and i was unaware so it took them 30 hours to get that fix and long response time was caused by the owner being asleep for a long period Crident is not a scam and they are legit, it was just a freak accident that all just kinda happen at once.

What was the name of the company/person that sold(?) you the game server?

One of the leadership team on the serverhost is an admin on this site and i like this site so ima not name names so i dont get banned from this site.

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thats why i trusted them even tho it was a new server host, but i guess i was wrong to.

chargeback on your creditcard/raise a dispute on paypal

They have their TOS worded really well so you cant charge back until paypals chargeback time expires.

That doesn’t make any sense. You’ve paid for a product and paid with paypal, and if you didn’t get your product you can raise a dispute and paypal will put pressure on their asses.

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And if they don’t respond or whatever you are pretty much always the first choice for paypal so they will give you the money back eitherway, even if the host says they won’t.

Ima wait a few more hours then im contacting my lawyer.

I highly doubt you’ll need to do that, at least not right now. Just file a complaint on paypal and wait it out, and if that goes nowhere then you can contact your lawyer if you so desire.

Tell us the host, seriously do it. Scam hosts are the scum of the internet

I find that hard to believe.

A little update after 20 hours they told me that he US deployment servers were down but it’s been even more time and they have yet to fix it, so I sent a dispute request with PayPal.

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No, they are I see them on this forum all the time and one time i got banned by one of them unrelated to the server tho


file a chargeback with paypal and wait for your money back

youre the same guy in the other thread that admitted to trolling

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(User was banned for this post ("Thread Drama + Don't tell users to get out" - Shendow))

Which thread?

this thread

where you said

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Nookyava isn’t affiliated with Crident.

From what’s being said in the Discord, the auto-deployment system is being weird and the only people that can fix it are asleep. They’re not scamming you, and you’re more than likely going to receive a free month or something as compensation (if they don’t offer, ask for one). Next time, you should choose a host that doesn’t re-sell other servers. :v:

yea it was a serious post that turned into a cluster fuck, so i joined the clusterfuck by trolling my own thread. It was already a clusterfuck the thread wasnt created for a clusterfuck it just happen to turn into one.

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Moat, dam those people have been asleep for 24 hours they need to be checked on by a doctor since this problem started a 3pm yesterday, and no they are giving me 3 days extra on it for the 1.5 days of not having it and that 1.5 days is still continuing cause its not fixed yet. But its all good ima just wait if it gets fixed by tommoro ill be happy. and i no idea about the

if youre being serious just go ahead and rent a $10 linux vps

you get flexibility and youll save money rather than pay fucking $0.79/slot

The server host i wanted to use, sells by CPU precentage so 30 slot server cost 10$ a month and a Linux VPS would also require me to get a game-panel aka Tc-admin which is 15$ a month and require matinee

I’m completely useless here, but I’ll repeat what other people have already said: What is the name of the host company? Is it even a company or did you just start messaging people on Steam asking “hey can you make server please”?