A server that don't deserve players

I do not usually make posts to report a server ( the person who buys it deserves recognition for providing us a place to play) , but in this case I think it’s more " I have money , I will buy a server , but I’m not patience to take care of him. "

The server in question is Keyring , was acquired by Keyori , a young man who has money but no head to manage, leaving the server to abandon several days , giving several wipes ( must be 5 by 5 days) , provided admin to people who appears 2 in 2 days and for perhaps 2/3 hours.

The young Keyori never appears on the server (if it appears,its under a different name, and dont give life signals) , I reported the events on facebook . Since he doesn’t like the comments, he just delete the comments .

I was one of the users of the server , but unfortunately no longer have the patience to continue on a server mismanaged and where the Owner dont support the players.

I come here to advise ppl, don’t use/play in this server , the more likely it is to lose three days to build and get everything lost to the day after taking wipe.