A Server To Avoid
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This server seemed quite nice to begin with, a fairly medium player base with plenty of people the fight with and a generally good feel to it…

Then the admins came into play.

beavisblack and Farrell85 specifically…

At first there was just a lot of teleporting around and basically harmless nonsense, but then when their friends would get raided, they would hand feed them C4 and Kevlar and edit their bases (such as removing staircases that were used in raids, replace/fix placement errors, and give materials)

Then when a group of people raided a large tower, an admin (Farrell85) spawned in to the tower with godmode active ( I shot him 3 times point blank with a shotgun and he didn’t die, and one of the other raiders shot him twice in the head with an M4, and still nothing.) and was shooting at us with an M4. He killed one one of us before everyone of the raiders was calling him out on his bullshit. Then he turned godmode off when he thought we’d left and instantly got killed because he’s terrible. Once we were farther into the base, he once again spawned in there with godmode on, and did not attack us again. We finished chopping his base up and once more warned the other players about his questionable ways.

The next day, we logged into the server to find that our tower was broken into with about 14 C4 being used just on doors alone. This was not a concern, except the fact that two doors were skipped and unlocked and opened (which would have taken another 4 C4). We wrote it off and repaired the base fully and put storage crates down to fix our inventory and get back to normal.

Fast forward about two hours and when logging back in, the entire base is destroyed again, metal door ways (which take additional explosives to break AFTER the door itself is broken) were torn down and replaced with walls to try and trap us in the base. This again, is highly unlikely for a server that’s not frequenting airdrops, but it gets better.

One of the admins logged into the server and was talking about how beavis had spawned a bunch of C4 for people and teleported them to our base to use it, as well as using his “magic hatchet” to assist them in trolling.

And to top the whole thing off, instead of using the console, Farrell85 typed into chat “dmg.godmode false” to 100% confirm that he had been abusing his powers as well, since moments later he was seen once again being shot and not taking damage while fighting back against people.

So unless you enjoy abusive admins, favoritism to other players at your expense, and wasting hours of your time harvesting materials, raiding buildings, killing animals, and killing people only to have it stolen from you by a moron on a power trip…Avoid this place.