A*Server *WIPED 10/03/14, No Durability, Airdrops, Fast Crafting, OXIDE, PVP, Door sharing, CHEAT PUNCH, Very active and fair admins


Rustorious WIPED 28/03/14, No Durability, Airdrops, Fast Crafting, OXIDE, PVP, Door sharing, CHEAT PUNCH, Very active and fair admins

We are a new Public server looking for more players to join, we average around 15-20 players during the day GMT and are still looking for more especially those from America, Canada etc.
We recently had to migrate server due to our old machine breaking down but we are back with a new adress:

80 slots
Mumble server
Starter kit
Admins are fair and friendly the do not give their self items and they play to the same rules as everyone else
Regular airdrops
No Wipe, We will not wipe the server unless it is an absolute last resort, we will only wipe buildings so you will keep items on your charecter

If you like the look of the server then come join us or for more information then check out our website at rustorious.com or send me an email at Blanket@rustorious.com or via Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047638043/

Server IP:

Look forward to seeing you in the wilderness

Ready for day 2 on the new server

Bump to get the attention you those Americans out there!


This is an absolutely amazing server filled with lovely people!

It has everything you expect from a server.

things I have experienced in this server:

  1. The server has zero tolerance on hacking/cheating/modding.
  2. The people that are in this server are very nice and help you if you’re feeling a bit nooby.
  3. It is set out like a proper rust server, so apart from the no hacking rule, you can do pretty much whatever you like. You can go around and farm all day or even go out and raid someone (if you have the amazing c4)
  4. as the server has been recently wiped, any of you new people that join can enjoy the life of early development. Some of the houses are coming on quite a bit so hurry up and get your butt on this server!! You will defiantly not regret it.

Thanks for taking the time to give such wonderful feedback we really do appreciate it:D

Seeing alot of awesome houses popping up :smiley:


just a reminder about how awesome this server is! :smiley:

still room for more

Need those Americans!


The weekend at long last :smiley:

Goodbye Multiplay hello nitros networks

Nitros Network so far is awesome and the website is up and running thanks to Josh, things are going pretty damn well :smiley:

Just found an awesome Easter egg on the website, thanks for that josh xD


Such cold