A Set Of Paths

So, recently I decided to make a comic. Now this is my first and I will take comments, specially on posing. (Heh, I can’t do very well.)
I decided to edit a few pictures and post them while I edit the others, just to see your reaction if I should proceed or not.
Note that I WILL eventually get better. Please don’t troll and instead do constructive criticism.
So, without further delay, I present you " A Set of Paths ".

Enjoy!Please post what you think.

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NOTE: This is going to be an interactive.There won’t be many choices, (the title, Set of Paths is related to this) but when you get one, you get to choose between good and evil. I’ll keep tracking how many actions of good and evil he did, and when the end reaches, whichever has most votes will provoke the ending.

I don’t understand. I mean, if you’re going to do an interactive pose thread, then you should at least outline–at least vaguely–what the story goes on.

And your posing could use some work, but otherwise I have no complaints.

Lack of faceposing makes it disturbing.

And try to spend more time in posing.

Yes I’m working on it, and the interactive isn’t really much. It’s just follow up the comic and make a choice once in a while.

You know normally I would kindly ask why you stole the idea of this, but I’m not going to do that and instead just point out facts.

-Same suit models
-Looks like same weapon
-Guy spawns somewhere having no idea what is going on

Even better is the fact that you even posted in here, asking where to get the wireframe. I’m trying to be cool about this, so don’t make up some bullshit excuse for it and just try to be more original, mkay?


Please, I thought your breed of “comic makers” were gone. DISAPPEAR INTO WHATEVER DARKNESS THAT SPAWNED YOU, FOUL DEMON SPAWN!

Yeah because every interactive is bad.

It’s an excuse for people who can’t make up their own storyline and add shitty posing/editing to it.

While I’m not saying that this comic is particularly good, there have been great interactives in the past. Take pigluv for instance, that was a popular one.


technically a single choice, no matter how minor, makes the comic interactive. the story literally does not come into it.

Wait so if you have a choice to ALTER the story in a COMIC (it being an interactive comic.) then it does not affect the storyline?

May I ask:

Have you even written down a script?

have you?

let’s say you’ve got a choice between leaving a room or examining a toaster. that’s interactive, because you interact to make your decision - regardless of how much that decision affects the plot. so, again, the story does not come into whether or not something is interactive.

Mhm. Divided, I’ll take your criticism in mind, but please, sheesh. Don’t make such a war.
Anyway, YourFriendJoe, yes, some ideas were taken from there, I oughta credit him, but I had this idea by a friend waaay back. I just never had my hands on photoshop. I’m sorry if it’s too close to the other one, but I’m gonna keep going, sorry people.

Well, member from 2011, yes I used to write scripts for comic makers such as Near Elite and so on. Not that you’d know 'bout that.

And what does that even have to do with what I’m asking? Why would I write a script for his comic in which I just saw?! You are making no sense.

It’s still you (the reader) altering the story. And what outcome can happen if he checks out the toaster for example? The toaster being actually a prison for a demon trapped from hell?

I apologize, It’s just that I and old comic makers (most of us) have a certain contempt towards interactive comics.

Wow join date elitsm much?

So I use this account it automatically means that I joined in 2011 and I know nothing of the old gmod comic makers?

You should read my posts in here more often.

And Viewer, I told you not to come up with an excuse. You happened to use the most common “I had this idea before him” and “some ideas were taken from it”.

so, if you were to summarize the plot of a comic, would you add something like “On his way to the serial killer’s hideout, Detective Bob examines a toaster. It has absolutely no relevance to the plot and he moves swiftly on.”

the story isn’t altered in any way, shape, or form. the only thing that’s changed is that the tension is now gone and you’ve got a protagonist who likes to look at ultimately useless toasters.

Not really join elitism there, Just merely pointing out the mere fact that you weren’t around by the time I was writing scripts for those comics. Simple as that.

I should read your posts more often? Why? Just because you know of some old comic makers? Are you aiming that you knew about me working with members of PHW, happydevil, Near Elite and so on? If so: Name one comic that I wrote for Near elite then :slight_smile:

I do not wish to come off as an elitist, and I might have done so, so I will start adding constructive critisism and maybe some aid to him as well.

To Viewer

There’s no doubt about it, you need to think about your poses, we all know that is horribly boring to pose and the ragdoll physics in the source engine are not making things easier. But just keep on practising and do not give up.

Camera Angles.

Try working on the camera angles a bit more, get a more cinematic “feel” to the whole comic or any kind of pose you are doing. It will become more easily for a reader to relate or actually feel any kind of interesst into the story if you show that you have put hard work and thought in to your camera angles, not just used the screenshot tool and gotten a full picture of a ragdoll just standing there.

"Interactive" comic making.(story)

One thing that actually popped my mind was that YOU might be the one changing the whole way Interactive comics are made. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the “interactive comics” that are posted here but, what you can do is that you give the reader a choice, let us say:

Alyx is on a burning train, she :

  1. jumps off the train
  2. Tries to find a way to stop the fire on the train.
  3. Goes to the trainmans quarters to see if she can help.

And a player can click on either of those choices and you will have already edited the outcome for all of them, and they all yet fall back to the same conclusion, or the same happening. It is a real story writing challange, but It’s worth a shot isn’t it?

PS: Try to write scripts!! :slight_smile:
Photoshop / editing.

Since you explained so kindly that you do not have acess to photoshop, I now understand why your comics are badly edited. I would like to offer myself to edit your comics or teach you on how to edit in photoshop, create a template and so on. If you are interessted it is just to PM me and I’ll get back to you once I have the time.

I hope that I have been of assistance to you and I apologize for my “elitism.”

PS: The secret to a good comic is reading through your comic and thinking " Would I buy a comic that looked like this?" Did YOU feel any tension or connection to the characters and so forth.

Then why add the choice of a toaster if it is not going to affect anything or help the reader to feel more immersed?

I’m sorry, but it does seem you ripped off my idea. Joe is right.