A set of war themed pictures

Here’s 6 war themed pictures for you to see. If you don’t like it, keep the hate to yourself. I’m fairly new to using SuperDOF and I will NOT be photoshopping any of my screens.







Some of these are ok but you need to work on your posing. You might also try adding foliage to some of the scenes. To make it seem less empty

They are all pretty meh, IMHO.

Insurgency maps? Since when?

Eh, they’re okay imo. Gotta work on dat posing a little more though, mate.

What do you mean? They’re easy to get.

zoom in with the camera before taking the picture

Posing is REALLY wonky in some of them.

It ain’t easy…
Personally my favorite here is the last picture, took some time. But what do you guys think of the superdof use in these?

Work on your posing instead of making shitty excuses.

It’s fucking easy.

That isn’t going to give you better posing to look at, good job.


Just change the .phy

Welcome to Facepunch <3

But the posing itself looks like everyone is being proped up by cardboard.

Also, when doing close-ups of items (such as vehicles) Make sure you use a HD model/texture and turn up your settings.

Ignore them man, you’re off to a great start