A sexy siren seduces her subject

yay, consonance in the title


that’s so gay

Funny, I use the same suited man as a seducee (by the same Elexis no doubt) in my poses/ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:


And as the man draws in, she places her mouth to his ears.

In the most manly voice he had ever heard, she said:

“I’mma fuck you up and make you my bitch.”

If only. :smug:

The making of this picture reminded me why I stopped using photoshop; it’s a CPU hog.

Mhhh … I like your work with the face, really hot but the body posing is not … seducing enough.
You mind, if i’ll start G-Mod and see if i can “improve” it somehow ?


Ok, i now realize how hard this actually is because right now i’ve got about 3 different types of poses in my mind, that could be VERY seducing and i can’t really decide, which would look better.

For a moment, I thought the viewer was the victim. Then I thought. “That doesn’t work on me…:smug:…”


gets rated optimistic

gay rainbow x1

Uncensored version:

:smug: :smug: :smug:
she have the erm…advantages for it


I like the alliterative title.

Shit that’s disturbing, edit the picture so it’s like those “IT"S A TRAP” photos

I love that part in the True Lies film. It’s so funny.

Just confirming here… You do know that this is actually your pic, just edited?

Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that the one about the damn good fantasy?

It was the whole office thing. Which I think I may continue. With new characters :V

Bloo knows not to plagerize my mastery. :v:

At least I hope so. :ninja:

Besides, he made it sexier anyhow…

Ok well, it IS the same picture, you can compare and see. But I was just checking that you knew and/or were cool with that :slight_smile:

Wrong sir. It may be based on a similar picture he did from way back in the day, but it’s a different map and a different model

I just realised I had a really fucking retarded moment and mistook you for Ben_Wolfe, and vice versa.