a shitty picture of a guy looking at a blackhawk wreck


don’t ask where the light is coming from

durr durr long time no pose

so wheres the light coming from

What light?

in a room

Oh my good golly, you’re back! Awesome to see you return my friend, and a nice pose to go with it.

why is the a crashed blackhawk

theres a light source randomly from nowhere, no fire, no lights, no suggestion of the light source coming from another direction or anything

grain does not = realism/editing gloryness

the dude looks like he cant make out what the exactly is infront of him

you could of done so much more in terms of fine tunning with fire, debris or little things on the ground or something

Looks okay, but I think you overdid the shittiness, just need to tone it down a bit.

Do I spy a NH2 model?

its a map on nh2.

Nh2 is Scary :v:

he isn’t facing the camera in the first place how do you even know what he is thinking

that does not make any sense

forget the light, where’s the brown coming from

because i am sreenologicaly physcic

from the originality of the picture obviously

it makes sense to have brown in this picture because the orange fire mixing with the grey smoke.
It just makes sense.

Nice atmosphere.

Looks sexy.

Because there is.


Who the fuck ever said it did? In small amounts it can look cool on certain pictures. This is one of them.

What are you talking about? It’s just a man stood still, you can’t even see his face… how can you ascertain anything about him?

Seriously it seems like you pulled all but one of those comments straight out of your ass without thinking for one second about this picture as a piece of art, because that’s what it is, and the fact that not absolutely every single detail in a picture has to be explained in the picture itself, and that you should use your god-damn imagination for a moment, or just shut up and enjoy it what for what it is - a picture with nice lighting and a semi-interesting subject matter.

Finally, grain done right! The graininess makes the smoke look more distorting and gives it depth. The lighting’s pretty damn good too, and I really like the faint rim lighting on the guy, but where’s the light coming from to the right over there? It’s a bright orange so i’m assuming it was meant to come from a fire. If it’s from another light source it would be dimmer, distorted, and red from all the smoke.

Overall, this picture is better than most others i’ve seen in this section. Sure it’s just a crashed Blackhawk, but the lighting makes it look so damn impressive.

The brown fits, stop being silly.

And brown generally is totally awesome, when used right. That’s right WHEN USED RIGHT! Just like gm_construct can be awesome.

More ontopic: I like this picture, has nice atmosphere and I love the colors.

Brown isn’t awesome, it’s just another colour. Any colour can look awesome.