A short comic about robotic cops, machine revolution, weapons, drugs etc etc

I made a shorty.

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I like it.

The ‘fuck you asshole’ totally reminded me of T1

So that’s how the Geth came to be such assholes!

Hello! :slight_smile:

I’ll admit that i had a good laugh when i read that a geth ( now i do mean the skin ) say " fuck you " it made me feel like there was still hope for the comics section :)! To be honest i was quite interested in this comic and each and every frame made me want to know more. I’d say that you’d done a graet job on posing & story, as for your editing, i find it to be “special.” It is not like super “awesome” editing, but you’re good at adding “final touches!” The only part of the editing i didn’t like was when the geth fired his weapon. The text effect was great but i’d say the text was either too small or just placed at the wrong position because i had to look three times on the frame to find out what happened!

Overall this was a amusing comic and i’d give it 8/10 Great work :D!

Not every day you see someone writing a whole paragraph, talking about what they liked in the comic.

I liked it.

Those robots must be running on windows.