A short story of rust.

First of all, I wrote this just because I felt like sharing an old experience, not trying to ask devs to update Legacy (would be nice if they did tho :D)

Since the days of the ancient browser version that came out around the early 2013. people saw potential in rust. It was the perfect mix of an FPS and a survival game and the select few that got the keys enjoyed the living crap out of it, without hacking and being nice to other people.You used to start with a 9mm pistol, the map made no sense at all, they used the classic font if you know what I mean and so on. People used to beg for keys from streamers and youtubers.There were 3 soundtracks that fit the dark atmosphere of pitch black night and red mornings along with radiation and the whole black grass thing with foosteps sounding like stepping on rocks no matter where you were.The soundtracks were
Atrium Carcerri: Faces of war
Through the loop
First steps
(try playing them with the legacy rust they will fit perfectly)

Then came the large update with the new map, introducing something that made some sense, but we had shit brown clouds and smaller hangars in factory radtown, but that was fixed soon and we got the current maps without the shitty rocks. All of the players looked like fully geared soldiers, always havin there hands like they are holding a rifle with a floating pistol or a hatchet and it was so bad that it was good.Garry introduced us to the dutch auction where a lot of people including me got there hands on keys.

After that garry introduced nudity to the game, rocks as starting weapons,added cliffs and rocks to the landscape, removed the red skyes and it became the map that we have today, and rust hit steam. Rust attracted more attenion, more and more people got their hands on the keys and it became more populated. More dumb people joined and started to break the kinda friendly atmosphere that we had back then so garry about 5 more servers, with PVE and sleepers.We also lost the soundtracks and got the new one that is still here in experimental

Not so long after, rust became the wild west that it is today, where you pray to gods that you don’t get sniped by a hacker from the ocean or something simmilar. Almost everybody is killing on sight, Russians took over all of the EU servers, and there are more mirrors than actual servers, basicly it became a shithole where you can’t trust your own parents not raiding you.

But then a new hope was born, garry made the experimental version that was so bad, that it surpassed the good and became a septical hole, but it is quite playable and enjoyable now. Expetimental got updated more and more as Russians took over legacy that we know and love. That is a short story of rust, some of the parts i thought were not important were left out, but that’s about it.
Now if there are any of the browser rust veterans that want to share the there stories with rust and what they liked and hated :smiley:

(perma’d elsewhere for all the shitposting)