A short WW2 story(DODS & GMOD)

Here’s a little story about some russian and german soldiers…

I… Don’t get it?

I hardly ever comment on other peoples pictures and such but I have to on here just because of this…


…that made my laugh! Not trying to be mean or anything, I just think it looks hilarious. The only thing I can tell you besides keep practicing is to turn up all of your graphics before you take a screenshot, especially anti-aliasing!

Oh, and this might help!

well the german soldiers didn’t want to kill them and instead run in shame,the russian soldiers kill them.

Work on posing and tuck them asses in :eng101:

thanks for the advice,I will keep practicing.

Best comic ever

I love how the Germans didn’t search the POWs.

i hate how it’s more difficult to tell the difference between trolls and idiots now.

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Reminds me of that “Gmod_Fan” guy.

The posing is really bad.

They’re all drunk.


Especially the germans.

why do russians use m1911s mommy

i hope you will imrove,not like that other bad ww2 picture maker

Because you touch yourself at night

Or OP doesn’t know who uses what guns

My first comic looked ALOT like this, only shorter and it was in an office.

Why did you have Nazis and Russians in an office?


Were they playing a friendly game of Pong: Holocaust Edition?

Actually it was a german and american soldiers. The american was sleeping on a couch while the german was hidden behind the counter about to kill him untill a random headcrab jumped on his face.


What’s behind that window?




Seems like a very bad comic. The posing is bad, the idea is not original.

where do you get the models ?