A Shot in the Dark

Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker and recent poster here at the Screenshot & Movies section of Facepunch. I used to post on a different account a couple years ago but quit after I began to see no progress in my work. So, I took a break and now I am back, this is my first before and after edit in about 2 years.

Before I edited:

After I edited:

EDIT #2: I played around with the muzzleflash a bit more, still looks cheesy imo.

Please leave any feedback or comment on what you wish, I will appreciate anything that I read below this post :slight_smile:
And if anyone knows how to make the pictures fit to page that would be greatly noted because I acknowledge the fact my pictures are too big.

lightbulb gun. It shoots photons

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It kind of looks like he’s fixing his flashlight, i think it’s cute

Pew pew, set phasers to stun. I had no idea how to approach a frontal muzzleflash. Cheers!

Edit: Just noticed, the damn muzzleflash is too small.

second is good, but tone down on the little flare it projects from the muzzle thing.

Dooley noted, thanks for the feedback!

Would look good at a angle in a real screenshot, see the real muzzle flash and so it won’t look like a flashlight :x

It’s Ok. The guy isn’t really looking at the fire direction, there’s very little to see and editing isn’t really that important.


Thanks for the feedback, I have different angles but this was the one I decided to work with. I’ll be sure to capture the action and direct the head and eyes properly next time.