A Shovel, Plastic Bag, and A Rock

I have no idea if this has been suggested somewhere yet. (I checked with search. There was nothing about a shovel, rock, or plastic bag.) And I don’t know if Facepunch plans to add this, but here are my suggestions.

The Shovel would be a tool obviously and you could dig up dirt to make trenches or something of that sort. With the dirt that you dug up you could craft makeshift sand bags with plastic bags. (maybe add plastic bags to the game, they could be found in old buildings or just randomly on the ground.) Also maybe more attributes with the plastic bags, like you could hang them on tree branches and stash some of your items in them, so you could leave them there for later or for a friend.

Also with the shovel you could only dig down to the height of your player. So you could make hole traps around your house or wherever so other players could fall in them and can’t get out. I understand having a shovel might kinda be op if your digging holes everywhere, but maybe there could be a limit on how much you can dig or shovels are just an extremely rare tool that can break easily. Honestly I’ve never played Rust (just watched videos) so I don’t really know how the whole game works.

My Last suggestion a rock. Yup just a normal rock that you could pick up and throw to distract zombies and confuse players. Also can be used as weapon if thrown at player or zombie and used as a melee weapon. Wouldn’t be that powerful though do to maybe an abundance of them.

Well those are my suggestions everyone thanks for taking your time to read them. Critique and add on to them as you please.

It’d be cool to make a basement, that you could disguise so if you get raided, it can act as a vault.

I think you should be able to make traps, so you would shovel out like a hole and camouflage it then they would fall in under your house.
Or something along those lines.

I didn’t think of that, A vault would be pretty sweet!

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That’s what I’m saying man, that would be so cool. Maybe use it as traps for wildlife as well?

Like and dislike the idea.

  1. People can grief heaps, even if it breaks easy. Lets go for a walk opens door walks out, BANG, trapped in a hole (There is a command to get you out of stuck stuff, so traps won’t work).
  2. Add the shovel can only dig bits of the earth, after a while you make a hole and can make an underground base/dirt walls that can be destroyed easy.
  3. rocks would be a good idea but really think they should think about adding bows first.

Thank you for your ideas, and helping the community grow with thoughts and ideas.

Yeah griefing would most likely be a huge problem with the shovels, but hey you never know they’re could be a way to prevent griefing with a shovel. Underground bases would be awesome to make! Bows would be pretty badass as well. But I bet Facepunch has a lot of ideas of their own they are pursuing right now, but hopefully they check out some community ideas out. And no problem! It’s a pleasure to able to contribute to the community.

although i think it would be abit glitchy in a unity engine game so i would’t expect the devs to do that.
i like the idea though

Some of the suggestions on this sub forum make me feel like putting a plastic bag on my head and pulling it tight…

Maybe before that you should dig a hole using a shovel and throw rocks at yourself.
Wait, how does one throw a rock at himself?

After doing that you slowly die in agony trying to take some air ultil you consume all the air/oxygen inside the bag and as you try to break the plastic bag you feel that you are getting weaker thus after a minute or two you die in agony.

Damn! New idea for the plastic bag in-game! Lol just kidding.

That would be such a metal way to commit suicide in the game.

Group of players raiding you with grenades, M4s and heavy armor? Fuck them, they’ll never take you alive!