A simple building at a river's shore (scene build, interior partly visible)

gm_fltagrass_night and all ingame.
A few mistake in the design but it’s not that bad.

The flatgrass angle: (click)

Girl is waiting for next costumer (scene built living-room with new stuff)

Built house (Stranded models, ‘new’ furnitures, different style than my prev. houses)

Submarine wreck in the desert (scenebuilt)

(Sex pose) Girl getting facef@cked:

(Sex pose) The cum dumpster girl:

Can we get an overall view?

I like it



Great scenebuilding.

Thats Just Amazing

you still impress me with your scene builds

Other angle nao!


I love you, kalixx.

Great work as usual.


Jesus Christ…

Complete the house, forceweld it, make it unlaggy, release dupe, let me drive my truck into it.
I really have an eager to drive nice houses like that apart. There to beautifull to be in gmod.


How does he make them look SOOOOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWWWSUM.

Where’d you get the village esc. skybox?

Wuts with the bike ???

It’s for transportation I guess.

Do in-game effects like depth of field and bloom etc make it look better?

Awesome,what props do you use for the scene build?

That’s from de_boskoop.

The house is done with the stranded model pack v3. Outside is the yellow rectangles from rob’s pack. +the concrete plug debris from hl2 to simulate 3D and blending. There are stuff from insurgency mod like palm trees, stairs. The spiral staircase and fountain is from the ship. furnitures are from some rp pack, l4d, ship. The ugly lamps are from dods.

and of course there are many used materials from apehouse, fakefactory, kevin’s, meridian, oblivion, partyhouse, richland, etc.

Bloom has no effect to this pic. Sdof works but would lower detail so rather not.

Thank you all for comments!