A simple camera tutorial

Hey, I decided to make a simple tutorial for people to know how to use the camera.
Please bear in mind that I use noclip to get proper angles, I recommend it to you.
First, you start out by doing a pose (obviously). I’ll pose a simple soldier here.


(don’t mind the phys gun error, I deleted a file by mistake and had that bug for a week now.)
Next, select your camera.
This is how the pose will look:


Notice how much empty space is around the soldier, and there is not much focus on him.
To make the angle of the picture look better, hold on mouse2 and push your mouse forward while in Gmod, you move backwards. You will notice that the camera zooms in and makes the soldier of the picture seem “larger” and more focused on.
Once you are happy with it, you can move upwards or downwards or to the left or right to see if you can get better angles.


This is how far I was from the soldier;


After all the angle stuff, you can add in several post-processing effects like Super DOF. Access the Q menu and look under the “Post-processing” tab as shown here:


I can’t get a shot of the little menu that shows up when you activate the Super DOF, so don’t forget to play with the sliders and make sure that the thing you do not want blur is focused on properly, and remember to press “Render”.
Without Rendered DOF, the picture looks like this:


This is the final result of my picture (with Rendered DOF)


I hope I did it right :ohdear:
Oh yes, do this as well!

Aye. Good tutorial.
I hope this stops some boring angles.
Have a i

The angle on your photo is pretty bad. I am glad you covered super DoF though.

Pretty good tutorial but in a way i was expecting it to be a little closer to him so there isn’t as much empty space on the left and right sides, but it’s still pretty good because the DoF backs it up.

Good tutorial.

But, I already knew this as you all know my angles and Super DoF are godly :stuck_out_tongue:

there is still a lot of empty space

Good tutorial.
When you’re done with this one, read my angles tutorial for even more awesomeness :

I never make the pose first, I decide where I want the ragdoll(s) to be, and what to do. Then I place a camera somewhere, and decide the apropriate ammount of zoom and the angle I want from there.
Then I pose for it to look as best as possible from that exact angle.

But it’s a good tutorial, and I’m sure this will help alot of people.

Good tutorial, its needed greatly.

Danke for the comments.

I hope a lot of people read this, because I see shitty camera use and simple DoF all over the place.

Good tut.
But I usually do the same as hairy:
I place a camera with camera tool first,pose,adjustcamera,PP,screencap.
I prefer camera tool over noclipping.

This tutorial would help fear57 alot with his camera angles

Bump, hopefully more people can read and learn this.


Its usefull for the newcomers and some members that I’m not gonna call names.
Should be added/linked to in the sticky rules thread.

Bump for previous reason.