A simple concept with a near impossible solution.

I’m wanting to find a good method to make a brush simulate these moving stones that push the character off into the water, starting at 0:18

I’ve experimented with a whole mess of func_doors, func_tank_trains, path_tracks, logic_timers, but I just can’t figure out how to get that smooth technique of the brush pushing out, stopping for a second, then pulling pack in and stopping for a second. I’m also wanting to use the same concept for the platforms the player jumps on, which pull in and out per second. Any ideas would really be appreciated.

that’s hard for you?

func_door with a speed of maybe 150 - 200. close delay is one second.
logic_auto/trigger_once opens the door.
have a logic_timer with an interval of one second (have it set to “start disabled”)

have the following output for the func_door;

OnClose - timer - enable

then for the timer have this output;

OnTimer - door - open
OnTimer - timer - disable

it should work in a continuous loop.

Or you could skip the timer and add these two outputs to the door:

OnFullyOpen - !self - close - delay of X sec.
OnFullyClose - !self - open - delay of X sec.

And you just have to use a logic_auto and open the door.

Thank you so much dude, this really helped! XD I’m new to mapping outside of architecture so thanks!

If you want it to be based on physics, create an invisible brush behind the platforms, make it a func_physbox, add a phys_hinge to it so it’ll rotate in the center, add a phys_spring at one end (so it’ll return to it’s default position, maybe phys_keepupright works in this case better), add those platforms as func_physbox, tie them with phys_hinges to the invisible brush and keep them upright with phys_keepupright.

Shooting birds with canons are we?