A simple electrical outlet + plug

Ignore the title, I just want this outlet here.


This thing. The decal is really low res, model, high res decal, anything would be nice.

Bump. This isn’t that hard.

Bump again. Seriously, anyone?

I think most people would rather use the bulky plug in HL2. So it can be far more obvious that a plug is used in a comic. It’s a very crude “Power Bar”. But it works.

Because of the HL2 one, people won’t do it, they have already have something that will suffice.

I mostly just want the higher res/model version of the outlet.

Something small enough to be the size of an outlet is a bit of a pain in the ass to pose. Look at the cigar or cigarette models, they are difficult to even see with the physgun beam, so you have to turn it off. But then it’s easy to screw up something else.

It’s actually for my map. A high resolution decal of it would be enough.

Bump. Fucks sake

Since you’ve made such a nuisance of yourself I had a go at it. It only took me about 20 minutes. It’s rough but you weren’t very descriptive in your request. Is this what you’re looking for?

If you can find me a picture exactly like the one I’ve used minus the watermark then I’ll finish it up for you.

I might get a screenie of it in game if I’m feeling up to it.


OK I cleaned up the picture but I haven’t really gone into great detail with the screw area. I can’t really be bothered, that and it isn’t too noticeable in game. Unless your map is all about looking at power plugs.

Your power outlets are weird. Australian outlets don’t have screws. It’s all just plastic.

hopefull that will shut him up

It is because the front part is a plastic layer that it gets attached to the power outlet body, which contains screws & power cables :v:

All of your foreign power plugs are weird. I’ll stick with euro/schuko-plugs, myself.


Yes, thank you very much

Have my non-exsistant children. Download please too, that’s all I’m looking for

Out of sight, out of mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll PM you a download link just as soon as I find a good file hoster. Garrysmod.org seems unappropriate cause it’s a static map prop.

Any suggestions?