A simple elevon plane.

Don’t expect anything that amazing here, just an elevon plane I’ve been working on. It’s largely done and almost release quality but I wouldn’t mind throwing some ideas in.

Cockpit Video [Plane v. some target drones]


Dupe - this might be a few weeks.

Feature List (Ones in italics are planned and going to most likely be added)
-A Sound Engine E2 that emits sound based on your position relative to the plane’s
-A Missile Warning System, it scans for incoming Anti-Air missiles and alerts the pilot
-My hologram pilot’s hat
-Only non-fin propulsion/maneuvering is forward applyForce
-Uses a stabilization E2
-Not quite seen in the video, but has new look-locking technology (this was grounded with the F-16, but was improved and added in here)
-Weldable Missiles - Weld, type “requery” in chat and you’re good to go
-Retractable Landing Gear

Good work man! Really nice stuff. Flies good from what I can see. Nice weapon system also, controls seem nice and smooth. I like that, but it doesn’t seem to have a vertical stabilizer, It would help a lot on stabilizing yaw and would help on turns, if you added a rudder you could turn without as much roll and get much better control if flying slowly, adding flaps would also make slow flight better, if done right you can practically hover in a landing. It’s quite interesting.

the landing gear looks incredibly retarded. It would never work in real life.

Looks pretty generic, but helmet is very cool and looks like it has a solid weapons system

nice looking! Do want. The only thing I would change is the seat hight.
If you notice, the view sticks out the top of the cockpit. It would be much better to fly with the eyepoint all the way in

It looks good and It flew decently but, like said before the landing gears look weird and it has no vertical stabilizers. Also, It has stabilators, but they are not used and the elevon setup doesn’t work with these kind of planes (you said that you needed to do a lot of tweaking to make it stable, so that may be the problem).

I agree that the elevon for this kind of plane would not work very well compared to if you just added a simple verticle stablizer. If you notice, all of the elevon type aircraft have SOME amount of verticle stablization, even if it combines the elevator with the rudder at an angle like the F-117. yours does not have any. It looks like you went for the F-22 look but didnt finish it. For the landing gear, you want to have 3 points of contact with the ground so it wont tip over easily. The front looks ok but the rear one should fold out sideways hinged under the wing and the wheels come from inside the body and swing out.

looks like it flies as shitty as your f-16

Thanks for the comments everyone. Right now, I’m intending to see if I can’t make it lighter and add vertical stabilizers (per your comments). The main thing I’m looking to do is increase it’s maneuverability.

About the stability comments, it flies pretty much straight as an arrow with the Wire Flight System on it, and all vert-stab’s would do is tie into that (not controllable by the pilot).

I like how it isn’t symmetrical.

While the jet may fly straight w/o any trouble, you will notice a significant improvement in controls when you are banking hard and using any rudder controls with a verticle stablizer, I certainly did.