A simple feather

…I’m surprised this hasn’t been made or even considered yet.

It can come in a variety of colors even! Hell, maybe even look like this one above!

Anyone interested?

You know what? I’ll do it. I’ll need some for my personal project anyways, may as well release for GMod.

Any particular bird, or just any?

Doesn’t matter to me, dude. =P
Any bird is fine.

OK, got one done. Simple white duck feather, about 5 inches long. It’ll probably be out tonight (Eastern Standard Time).

That’s awesome, I can come up with a lot of ways to use it.

Release thread in a few minutes. Sorry it took so long, I got sidetracked by a comic I made to show off the new model. Of course, I’m not really good at posing, so it isn’t that great. Just something that happens when I test a model while listening to For Whom the Bell Tolls.



OK, it’s released. http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=23650877#post23650877