A simple, funny weapon

Could someone please make me a SWEP that plays a sound, and then however long that sound is (or atleast when it ends), explode the player who used it and send their ragdoll flying? I’d like to replace the sounds with a lot of things. The model can just be the… hands.

I’ll mess around with this right now.


Done with it, just need to package it for you.


Your Head A Splode There you go.

Internally, you can change the sound value. It’s SWEP.Primary.Sound, by the way. Very simple. Just replace it with whatever sound you want. And that’s it!

You’re awesome. Is the explosion triggered after the sound is over, or is it based on time?


And how would I make it so when the weapon is taken out, it plays a sound (same with when i right click?)

It’s after the sound is over, the weapon dynamically detects the length of the sound, then the player explodes.

That would be based on SWEP:Deploy(), and SWEP:SecondaryAttack().