A simple garry style idea for radiation

Radiation can now spread from one player to another.

How funny would it be to have to treat your clan buddies like a leper victim when he comes back with all the loot he got? Obviously people would just suicide after storing their stuff in a nearby box so you may as well implement it now while it won’t have any real effect, and then when suicide is fixed it will be a nice little touch.

It’d be cool if you could leave some specific item (some material that absorbs and emits stored radiation I guess) in or near a Radtown, then turn it into a rad-rocket or some shit, giving you the ability to create pockets of radiation that last a set time. Fire it through somebody’s window and it becomes uninhabitable without rad gear for a few days or until decontaminated.

I would argue this, as radiation does not work in such a way - but Rust is not even the slightest bit realistic, so fuck-it.

I prefer the leper idea, though. Nothing like a good ol’ epidemic to shake shit up from time to time. Imagine only being able to play with 1 arm, and having to bandage up your entire body to stave off infection.