A Simple Head Hacking

Dead thread

Dont ever say newb, sry, or XD.

Also, Grammar, punctuation, spelling, USE IT.

hey sorry it was done quickly don’t have to kill me

I’m pretty sure we can tell he never killed you and being in a hurry is no excuse not to use spell check at the very least.

Alright back on topic, i was going to try but my decompiler wont open the MDL files. :confused:

I don’t have a program like that but I thank you for giving it a shot.

(Also your avatar made me laugh.)

Yeah I’m not sure what’s happening, never happen to me before. I’ll try to find a solution (if i can)

Hey can’t I use a Phrase any more

Hey I have the same problem with studio compiler on every model I try so yeah, and i don’t know what im doing. in simple terms i can’t model to save my life
LOL May as well change the name from simple to complex

oh hey good news i manage to find a solution! What you have to do it open the mdl file in notpad++ and change the IDST0 to IDST,
Then overwrite the mdl file then decompile it.
The link to the models:
I’m going to try my hand at head hacking :smiley:

Thank you for taking your time to do this for me.
here is a link to a tutorial if you need it but you seem to know what you’re doing

Well right now its coming out pretty good
But compiling it for gmod is not my specialty. but I’m sure you can find someone to do it on here :wink:

thank You so much. Well who do you recomend for compiling. GOOD WORK (hands over vurtual box of cookies.)

bluedyeno4 can probably do it

Could you send me the models please or Set up a download?

Well you have to wait until I’m done headhacking them :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m almost done

I also changed the tone on Miranda chest to match Rebecca skin tone becuase it didn’t look right.

You sir are a king among men ,you are epic ,awsome ,and a good person. thank you so (insert random swear word here) much
new thread here for compiling

No problem :slight_smile: