A Simple House

This is basically the second map I’ve made, ever. I’m still in the process of learning and even though the geometry, lighting, and texturing is done there’s aparently a lot of optimizing that I need to do before I release it; When I load the map in Gmod it takes a noticeably longer time to load than my other maps, even though it’s a considerable amount smaller.

Anyway, pics.

So, a quick question. What do you have to do to optimize a map for release after you’ve done almost everything else?

Wow, I like the arcitechture. You should really add all kinds of nodes there.

I like it, maybe add some props?

It’s… It’s pretty dull.

There isn’t anything to it.

This is actually a really great house! But like the others before me have said, it needs more props. Maybe a couch here a potted plant there. A painting on that wall. Maybe even if you learn to use the decals you can add rugs and lightswitches, maybe a watr stain in the bathroom. This house has a lot of potential.

Lightmap rape at the top.

Faily good for a 2nd map.

Not bad for second.

Better lighting and custom textures would make it better. Cool anyways.

How do I fix that? Do I just put more lights up there, or what? Disable shadows on the light prop?

To optimize, make sure the faces the player cannot see have the NoDraw texture.

Wow, I just did a texture replace with my base texture and it replaced 711 polygon faces with the nodraw texture.

Texture Tool>Click the face you want>lower the light map scale

Also, on the outside, try using the nature/grassfloor001 texture instead of a blend texture. It sorta looks like a giant took a shit on the yard, then flattened it out around the house. But I do like the architecture.

Agreed! HAHA funny

Alright, I added some props but when I compile the map they are just not showing up. What’s up?

Some of them are, some of them aren’t.

Make sure you’ve got the right entity. Some props only support prop_physics/prop_static, and some prop_dynamic.

Thaaaat’s what it is. Thanks.

you can’t be joking…

The map is mediocre at best, Needs allot of refining in my opinoin, how about getting a mapped out house and making that?

Textures kinda shit it for me as well :frowning:

This is actually a pretty good map. The thing is… It’s bad because of the textures. That’s almost it, just get some good textures on that and it’ll look a WHOLE lot better.