A simple jetpack

Something I made a couple of months ago, and I saw someone in the request section wanting something like this so I decided to release it.

[li]Spawn to wear (sent tab)
[/li][li]Undo to unwear
[li]Space to thrust what’s down for you (meaning if you look forward it’d thrust upwards and if you look down it’d thrust forward)
[li]Space and shift for boost
[li]Alt for low thrust. (good for hovering)



Hey, that’s pretty damn awesome. Could you make a version that would be more like the jetpack in Red Faction: Guerrilla? Pretty weak and has limited but constantly recharging power. That’d be pimp.

Artistic for you. :mario:

Uses fuel.
From the looks of it, can’t use any other weapon while using the jetpack.
Requires clients to download custom models and textures in order to see it.


If you want something that regenerates and all that stuff, see the link above ^

I want to keep the jetpack simple.

Ya I just checked it, but it’s not really what I want.
But if you don’t wanna do it, it’s ok.

Edit: I guess I’ll make a thread requesting just that if you decide not to do it.

Nice background song xD

Well done.

Looks good and as implied, simple. Good work.

Also, what map is that in the video?

The word is ‘thrust’ not ‘trust’.

Awesome music.

Thank you for your spelling lesson!


lol nice music :), It have my download
and ohh what is the map?

map looks like a Ep. 2 map from the campain, but i could be wrong

Looks like gm_reaction.


Great work caps, I love flying around in the server with it.

Also, that’s me in the video :buddy:

hmm cant find the map anywhere. but i did find the v3 WIP version

Could we maybe have a “down” key like Control, so we can use this in space?

Now THAT, is an awesome jetpack!
Much better than the other ones.

i love this and could you plz get me that map it looks cool