A Simple Lighter

Yes, I’m requesting a simple prop of a lighter. I’m sure it could be useful for some things like the Spy lighting up his cigarette?
Well any ways yea I really don’t care what color or anything or any kind of design of what it looks like but I’m just looking for a simple Lighter.

The Saw game has a zippo lighter, I could port it when I get home

Alright thank you.

I’m looking at the file and ether

Not sure if the lighter prop has a proper texture, when I press shift and T it shows what textures the model uses but the one it says looks terrible on the model

Well Im fine if it looks bad or anything, im just needing at least an ok model of a lighter so anything will do.

Well, here is what I believe the texture might be. I’ll have to check ingame and see if the textures match