A simple .lua file to !report (TTT)


I’ve been trying to make a file which states that whenever the player executes report in the console, the command !report is written and sent into the chat as if the player had sent it.

This is to make a button work with the !report command from RDM MANAGER, an addon that does not include a console command for the !report window.

I’m almost but not that new to LUA, and I need help! If anyone could lend a poor man a hand, that would be lovely.


Thanks to NiandraLades, I found out that there IS a console command for !report; it is:


Yes. it has two "P"s

you could do something like
local say = “say !%s %s”
concommand.Add( “report”, function( p, cmd, _, full ) p:ConCommand( say:format( cmd, full ) ) end )[/LUA]