A simple Material request.

In some few levels there are is a mirror that reflects everything but yourself. And if you have PH3 Then you have Probably played on the Huge flatconstruct beta map, and you can see that mirror in one of their rooms. and my request is, if it is possible that any one could make that texture into the material Stool. That Would be so really usefull, like in etc. Short films, Stuff-making, and Stuff . . . :slight_smile:

I’ve made one of these mirrors before for a map. Though, unfortunately the mirror has to have a specific texture and has to be tied to a func_reflective_mirror entity or else it will just be black. Sorry. Though, you could weld an RT Camera to the front of a surface, make the camera point straight out of the surface, and apply the RT Camera texture on the surface, and that should be good for a mirror.

I suppose, well thanx anyway :]