A Simple Model Hack is Becoming a Bitch Due to the .QC File.

Okay so I have a personal skin.
The model is somewhat complex, it consists of the standard arms and legs but also has a boned tie and facial posing.
There is only one issue, he’s bald, so I ported some hair from Fallout New Vegas along with the textures and made sure the hair and textures worked in source. They did.
But now I have an issue, I got the hair on, textures all where they should be, everything is good to go.
… Everything except that damn QC file.
I’m using Milkshape to do the hack and the “generate QC” button is a load of bullshit since it’ll make pretty much a broken or static model with no ragdoll.
So my question is this: How in the name of God can I give this guy some fucking hair?
I think I may have to go through StudioCompliler manually and deal with those .smd files, if so, I’ll have no idea what in the hell I’ll be doing and I’ll need some help.

You shouldn’t really use the generate QC button for a citizen hack. Use the QC that came with the smds when you decompiled the model.

Make it a basic nontoggleable bodygroup

$bodygroup “hair”
studio “hair.smd”

And just used the QC that you got when decompiling the model in the first place.