A simple NPC script (with images)

**NPC X-ray Vision

This is a request for a script that will allow all NPCs to “see” you and target you through props.
I use SPD (simple prop damage) a lot, and it’s really annoying when NPCs don’t try and blow stuff up
to get to you.

Obviously the script should only apply to props, or else NPCs would attempt to shoot you
through the world. I’m not sure how easy this would be to do, but I think it would be great at
forcing the NPCs to try and attack your structures and such (assuming you’re inside them).

**Without the script:

With the script

The cargo container blowing up will only happen if you have something like SPD on. Otherwise
the NPC is just going to keep shooting the container until you move.

Thank you for reading!

Wouldnt it make more sense if the hostile improvised and tried to get to you and kill you rather than everyone downloading Simple Prop Protection?

Because it’s all about line of sight. The NPC can’t navigate through structures made of props noded map or not. They just end up sitting there or running around, they will only follow if they can. Making
them do so would require a major overhaul of the NPCs’ coding or all new SNPCs.

Having them able to shoot at you like they can see you would allow them to eventually destroy your cover. Plus I said Simple Prop Damage not prop protection, that wouldn’t make any sense.

My bad, I meant simple prop damage, but still, it wouldnt make sense. I mean, it would be cool if the hostile knew the object seperating you and him could be destroyed, and if possible to be destroyed, the hostile will try its best to destroy the destructable cover and kill you. But per say the addon does get made, I dont think everyones going to download Simple Prop Damage, so I still stand my point, good idea though.

Your implying that it is difficult to download simple prop damage, it really isn’t. Plus it’s one of those mods everyone should have since its really easy to turn on and off and adds a whole new dimension to g-mod without all the wire or resource crap. Besides SPD is one of those things that everyone gets as long as the server has it.