A simple pose with that Strongbad ragdoll you can get, alongside a model of... Strong Sad?

Now, if you’re a fan of Homestar Runner;
Don’t get yourself too excited.

There’s no Strong sad model available to download onto your garrysmod.

Infact, I’m pretty certain that the only character from that franchise available to download in ragdoll form is your basic Strong bad model, whose model was ported straight from Telltale’s own “Poker night at the inventory”.

(Aswell as with one other character, who shall not be named here…)

(He a’ givin’ me the Jibblies…)

So, as you might have noticed, I myself enjoy a bit a’ Homestar Runner.

So much so that I downloaded the aforementioned Card toting Strong bad ragdoll. Huh, must be hard for him to play cards with boxing gloves on. (And yes, sadly, the cards were not included.)

But seeing Strongbad out of his element like this made me want to bring his co-star, or in his case, his stupid kid brother, out into the same ragdoll posing playground as someone genorously put Strongbad himself!

And, after a bit of tinkering on my end, there he was! But I didn’t tinker with copyrighted models, oh no…

Take a look for yourself.

(Warning, Big Ass images):

#1 and #2 (The actual finished Strong Sad “model”):
http://i.cubeupload.com/5thsgf.jpg, http://i.cubeupload.com/4l0CIX.jpg

#3 (Putting a bit of perspective on things!):

#4 (Strong Sad; Some assembly required.):

And one last thing, I know the pose itself isn’t particularly interesting, but I was really just having a go with the idea of building a character more than anthing else. Feel free to criticize what you want though. All in all this took about an hour to put together. So, yeah, enjoy. :v: