A simple question.

Heya guys! So, I’ve been playing GMOD Alot, and I want to ask you a question (if it hasn’t been asked already, im sorry, don’t know how to look for this)

My question - Is there a way I can download a server content so I can play it on Single Player? Because, there is a server with really great SWEPs, and they’re custom, there is no other way to get it, other than this…

Thanks, -MagicReggae.

Look for them on garrysmod.org. That’s the official website for gmod addons. Be careful because there are some rumors saying that there are a few addons that can give you a lua virus. (Any addon with over 8000 downloads should be safe though.)

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Yeah, but the thing is, there is no way to get it, they’re completely custom, is there a way to get it from the server content it self?


Uh yeah actually make use of your ability to enter in a lengthy thread title and don’t just re-state what the thread icon already says. Briefly describe the problem you’re having there and you’ll get more people willing to help, THANKS.

The models/materials content you will probably have if you downloaded it from the server.
The sweps depend on how they were created. If they follow the scheme most use (everything in a shared.lua file) it’s just a matter of extracting the file from the lua cache file. If they don’t do this, and actually have seperate server/client files there is no way to get them…

Thanks, you answered my question! You can lock this :wink:

You can’t get them the normal way if they are custom, but you can basically just find the model in your models/ and copy most of the sourcecode from your cache/, as the server file is probrably the same as the client file (same goes with most sweps).