A simple question

I know this is a pretty stupid question but .

Does anyone know how to throw things ?If anyone has ever seen kitty 0706s videos you noticed that alot of the time charchetrs get hit in the face with objects , what im wondering is how do you throw them in a straight path like that so it impacts them. Cause the only way i know to do that is with the gravity gun but that leaves behind like a small lighting even when the camera view is somewhere else . The only way i ever managed to throw things in the game was by useing the phys gun to SWING them in a curve before relaseing them

Help would be appreciated

Go to the settings of the ingame menu and set the physgun light beam to off.

Thats not what im asking for ya know

He throws a camera where he wants with the phys gun and then edits body parts in the video with green screen to make it look like first person.

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And you see it so perfect because he has the time to try it again if he fails to do so.
Other than that he could be using a scripted camera that follows the path you want, which can be downloaded from gmod.org

I believe he uses the physgun, but takes multiple tries until he gets the right throw. He throws the ragdoll and then lets go of it and hopes it flies in the right direction/way.

What do you mean by lighting? From the physgun itself or the actual beam?

Also what gtanoofa said.

Thats not what i ment at all. Im talking about just throwing objects around in a straight motion so they impact into say a ragdoll charchters face or to just have it look like someone threw something out of a window , withouth haveing to do it by swinging the object cause i realize how he manages to do the FPS thing

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No im talking about the gravity gun , if you use the gravity gun no matter where you are it will emit a lightning bolt onto the screen. That was the first thing i tried when it came to throwing smaller objects in a straight path

Something like this? But at 1:10.

I did this just using the scroll wheel and scrolling upwards sharply for scenes like getting thrown out.

Post a video of it happening with the timeline.

at 00:22 seconds when he throws the cone

Looks like the physgun with mouse wheel to me. It looks like it was 2 shots at 22 seconds. One from the side where he is throwing the cone to the right with the physgun, and then cut back and throw ahead of him using the mouse wheel and physgun, letting go at the last minute I think.

I can assume it’s the phys gun since when you launch objects with the light beam off it doesn’t leave any trail of lighting.

huh…well to me it always sorta seemd like they used a addon or something to throw stuff around easly , cause the general thing that i get out of doign it is makeing thing look like they get stuck midair

But i guess i can try it in future movies then . Though im suprised nobody has made a throwing objects addon or something rly

That would seem useless.

Not rly if you can pick anything up and throw it like it does in those videos it would be more convinient then trying to do it repetedly with the phys gun. Well anything of smaller size

Well it could be a contraption, but i doubt it.

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Like a canon.

Well thanks for helping me clear that up anyways guys

You could probably make animated scenes. Probably the easiest thing to run if you ask me.