A Simple Script Needed

Id appreciate if you could help me write a script

When I press the button M:
press 0 (not numpad, but the one above O and P)
sleep 25ms
press T
sleep 24ms
right click (where mouse already is)
sleep 23ms
press 5 (again not numpad)
sleep 22ms
left click (X,Y) coordinates
sleep 21ms
mouse should return to where it was before clicking X,Y
sleep 20ms
press 9 (again not numpad)
sleep 19ms
press R
sleep 18ms
press 0 (again not numpad)

the ms values are different so that I can tweak it if I need to
I wish I could use any help but I do not know enough about scripting that I could make use of help

This is Lua Scripting.

Not whatever you are doing. Go over to the programing section.

What are you talking about Science? We could spoof or force client input for whatever he needs

Even assuming he wants this for Garry’s Mod, it sounds more like he wants an automation script that something like AutoIt would do better.

He clearly doesnt want it for garrysmod though.

I need this as a Lau script for my G510 keyboard. I am sorry, I didnt realize that this was a forum for Garry’s mod related Lau scripts but Id still appreciate if anyone could help.


Go to their forums.