A Simple Weapon Pack (ASWP)

Name: A Simple Weapon Pack(v1?)
Description: Moderate big weapon pack.
Installation: Drop into your addons folder and play.
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(your steam account)\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=105114 – Shitty download speeds.
http://www.HavocGamers.net/ASWP.rar – My website(Downloading @ 2.4mb/s)

Hello, some of the people may be wondering why is it called a simple weapon pack? I tried of everyone making “realistic” or “modern” weapon packs that just down right fail. So I made my own with weapon pack I’d thought people would like to see in Garry’s Mod.

Why download this. Well first off it’s something new not done by me. These weapons may or may not have been done before. These use the counter strike source swep base. Did you also know its the new fad? Cool kids love this pack. Girls also think that it’s hot.

This packs total size is around 70~mbs compressed and 200~mbs unzipped.


















Credits are in the addon.

Final Words

Please do not reupload.

This might not be the only ASWP weapon pack. Depending on weather this gets good feedback, then there maybe more or another.

I do know about the first scope zoom of the m24 you can see the gun no biggie doesn’t hurt the gun at all.

I had a video but shitty youtube doesn’t like 1.5gb of video. Even though it’s below cap of 2.0 gb.

Good solid pack. They work pretty well and the models are good.

Good to know you rated me bad spelling for spelling tried wrong. Rated dumb.

Nice Pack

This is just a copy/paste weapon pack. Not very much effort was given.

You must have a hard time reading.

A Simple Weapon Pack

Also it’s not copy and paste.

Hex models and Lua code.

Everyone can hex. Even me.
The lua codes are indeed copy-paste.

I wonder if I should try this. Looks ok, not great.


It’s got too many errors.

We dont need more models on copied code.

HAY, I can’t hex

Well you’ve obviously never tried it and all you have to do is look at a tutorial…

Its a matter of changing ONE number or letter.