A Single Model {COD: Ghosts Estate Wagon}


I’m looking for someone to extract the raw files this model, with fixed normal maps and all LOD models from COD: Ghosts

Comment or PM me if you can do it for me, it’s just one model

I think I got this somewhere. I extracted pretty much everything from GOSTS from every level so I probably have it exported somewhere.

Did you use the version of Lime that keeps the normal maps intact?

I did.

Think you could add me on steam, or PM me? And is it in .obj or .ma?

It’s in smd.

Also. I’ll shoot you a pm with it once I get back home.

Alright, one last thing, does it have the LOD models, (Lod0, Lod1, etc)?

I believe it does.

Here you go.

Thank you much~