A single U.S. soldier looks out of his trench, scanning the landscape for targets.




work on everything, the dead guy is just an npc

  1. Nice background.
  2. That “trench” has a very straight edge.
  3. It sort of looks like the soldiers right arms is… being shoved into the gun?
  4. What is all that technology next to him? And the green light? Isn’t it a trench? ?o_o?
  5. Lol at the dead soldier’s bulging eyes.
  6. Bullet hole on the soldiers side of the trench.
  7. Sirens seem pretty close up…

Sorry for being sort of brutal. Make sure everything is related to the theme for your next screenshot.

and that’s being generous

i like the lack of depth and the goofy green glow and well this image is awful

this is a good image, but I think you stole it!

Theres clipping on the rifle and his hand, and doesnt look much off a trench really

Don’t listen to this guy.
There was never any npc’s made for ins troops
so keep on posing good it’s quite nice


this guy is right

The spike has been posing for years

That’s the map’s fault. Don’t blame the poser for the map. :v:

who are you to say that about a picture, at least give the man some tips on how to make it better

Looks pretty cool, but i think you could edit it more and give everything a soft glow that goes over the barricade.

im talking about the dead soldier duh

hes an npc r u blind

2/10 needs a tractor, try harder next time.

good eye

The fact I SUGGESTED it while he was making it shows he just didn’t care.

i coud cut his bals of

Maybe some editing would help. ( Explosion, Smoke, Bullets, Muzzleflash, etc… )


I knew this but I always like saying that :smiley: