A Skeleton Detective and a girl

Looking for Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain (or Stephanie Edgley, who gives a damn)


Skele detective:
Spawn the Wesker model from filefront.
Spawn a fedora from Kathar’s Prop pack,
shrink the head with inflator,
spawn a skele head n’ spine from HL2: ep 2 spawnlist,
no collide it to the Wesker,
position skele head into Wesker.

For the girl:
Good luck, i have no idea.

Post some pictures or something, because for all I know a skeleton detective could be a gorilla with a skull head and massive ragdolled ballsack.

um… ya sure.

Wow… um…
Damn dude, what the carp was that?


Where do I get the skeleton parts?

Please READ what you just quoted.
That game comes with models for many different skele parts INCLUDING a skele head with nothing on it but a jaw and a spinal cord.

Skuldduggery Pleasant?



Is it translated to english?

Goddamnit. I would have planned to do it.

I didn’t know it was released in other books than Denmark :saddowns:

Now you make me feel stupid :saddowns:


Oh, and I don’t have EP2

Any models?

“Skuldduggery Pleasant?”

I thought this too almost instantly, never read it but my sister has the books.

I also thought of “the grim adventures of billy and mandy” when i read the girl part