A small and perfect hosting company?

I will buy a Garry’s Mod server, but I’m having some problems finding the right hosting company.
I have tried both UKGame and Bioservers, but both of them are to controlled and limited.
The most important thing I demand from a hosting company is to be able to upload DLL files without posting a support ticket to the hosting crew.

This is what I demand from the hosting company.

*****I want to be able to upload DLL files (without asking the hosting company every time).
*****I want to be able to have full access to the server files.
*****The server need to be in Europe/Russia (or close to Sweden).
*****I want to have full control to the server (as much as possible).
*****The server need to work without crashes.
*****The payment need to be in Pay Pal (security reasons).

So, do anyone know a hosting company that follows all my demands? :clint:

It doesn’t need to be a “company”, it can be a person with some good 24 slots servers that is willing to host.

You would probably be best off with your own box. Maybe a cheap dual core if you are only running one server? You could even try a VPS.

Maybe a private person would like to host a server for me?

You won’t get anything near what you want with a rented server; you need a rented box.

Third it, a medium Windows VPS or a dedicated box. Any hosting company will not suit your taste.


No company will give you free access to upload dlls. Only way you’re going to get close to it is the options mentioned above, a VPS (Which to be honest, probably won’t have enough resources) or a dedicated box.

Well, what I’m looking for isn’t a big hosting company that earns loads of money.
I’m looking for a really small hosting company that just has this attitude: “You pay, you get a server”. That’s all I need. I don’t need a fancy SVN uploader or something like that. Only a server close to Sweden that I can upload DLL files too.

That’s the thing. You won’t get a server like that that’s rented.

I might be able to sort you out with a Windows VPS (resources/cost negotiable). I’d need to talk to someone about licensing and another IP address, but PM me if you’re interested.

Feel free to contact me. We might can work something out. :slight_smile:

This company if you want something in UK

Maybe you should read the OP.