A small base of operations.



I’ve always imagined it’d be a good idea to turn tanks into a small base of operations.

All right, i did a edit with Crazy Knife’s advice. He said i could use SuperDoF to make the jaggies disappear.
And here it is!


I also reposed the Tank Crewmen’s heads a little bit, and reposition the guy in front a little bit to the left. And i removed the camonetting 'cause i realized that it was a bad idea when the tank’s turret rotates and the net just gets dragged everywhere.
I hope ya’ll like this one better!

The JPEG quality is pretty funky but other than that not bad for a first post hope to see you post around here some more.

I’ve always imagined it’d be a good idea to turn tanks into a small base of operations.

Except it’d be a horrible idea because tanks weren’t meant for static warfare. That’s why the Iraqis got their asses kicked in the first Gulf War.
Sweet picture though.

Thanks! yeah, i’m still pretty bad at these. Hopefully i’ll improve more in the future.

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Dang, i didn’t know about that. I guess it’s a really bad idea then.

Besides the quality and the fact that the camonetting is defying the laws of physics it’s a solid picture, good work.
(You nailed the posing on the front guys.)

Thanks, buddy!

Sometimes there exist objects which are excessively jaggy, like the spikes around the fences and you can do something about it. Use SuperDof with a very very small blur (0.1 or so) and let it blur for multiple passes, it causes the jaggies to disappear.

I don’t see why you should remove your picture just because someone had this idea before.

We could ask ten people in this section to turn the same idea into a picture, and pretty much nobody would make the same picture. Diversity makes life interesting

Ooh! that’s some good advice! Thanks!

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Yeah, you’re definitely right. I didn’t think of that earlier. Thanks for telling me.

Nice atmosphere…Reminds me of that story the guy in Metro 2033 was telling about the guys who lit out of Moscow in a tank and lived in the woods for a few years before disappearing

Aw, crap! if only i knew about that… i could’ve made this art about that scene! Ah, well. Maybe next time in the future.

Could you inform me where you got those tanker ragdolls, please? Also, I like the picture. You’ve got one too many crewman though…

Pretty sure he got them here :slight_smile:

Sure, i got the tank crewman from Slim Charles. Here’s the link. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1257147

Thanks a bunch!