A small issue I have with Rust (Which isn't even in the game).

So I bought rust when the auctions on the site turned hourly and I have played it about 50 hours since. I really do enjoy the game even though I can’t play it anymore because of a build fault in my laptop which does not allow me to easily clean out the fans and such without voiding warranty and possibly breaking it all together. I have told plenty of friends to get the game after it came out on steam and about 3 of them have, and watching the game naturally gain popularity upon steam release is an absolute joy because Facepunch deserves more players, and the players deserve a good game, which they are getting.

However, after watching a few videos about it and thinking about the whole “Early Access” thing myself, I have found a small issue with how Rust is being advertised. On the early access page, they do not talk about the actual features of the game but instead give a small outline of the game as well as how it is prone to change. That is okay, but I personally think rust needs to be better explained for new audiences.

I am aware that this is sort of done on their Trello page, which lists WIP features and some already finished features, but even this doesn’t really accurately outline the games current features, and, since alpha is alpha, issues.

So I do not have anything against this game or Facepunch for creating it, but I personally think the Rust page has to be updated with what is actually imminent in the game right now, as well as plans for the future and current issues. I think this because it’s not fair for a consumer to have to buy a game with such limited information on it in it’s current stages (because even youtube videos and stuff very rarely talk about issues and upcoming changes and stuff, but rather give a snippet of footage as to what happens during normal, midgame play or lets plays like that of Paulie on Tap.)

In saying this though, I know it will be difficult, with the game being updated regularly and lot of issues being fixed while new ones are being added.
So all I can suggest is that Garry or another developer on the game updates the storepage with information from time to time to help consumers make a better choice on whether to purchase the game or not.