A small issue I have with the new animations we are getting.

I’m glad they are making their own assets and animations for them, but I am becoming worried about how gunplay will change. The shooting in this game is great, and some of the animations just don’t look like they would fit the patterns and shooting style of the current game. I am aware that these are entirely new weapons and shouldn’t be compared to the modern weapons of the current branch, but they all still have their own shared style that truly draws a line between skill and luck in the combat.
Also, they seem a little exaggerated, for example the way your hands sort of “sway” as you hold a hatchet seems a little overdone, and pulling out the rocket launcher seemed a little “finiky”, if that makes any sense at all. It just seems like there is too much unnessecary movement while pulling it out.

This may be a bit of pointless post, seeing as we haven’t actually seen them in action yet, but I’m just sharing my thoughts.
Good job to the team, the new biomes and caves look really bloody good, and all of the new stuff being added looks just wonderful, including the animations, I’m just a little worried as to how they will play out in the actual game when it all gets added and finalised.