A small number of victims.

In there, because we have to update to Windows 10, so that a small of people were ban by steam valve anti-cheat.

Because these players were ban by valve anti-cheat after Update .
(http://www.rustafied.Com/) (these innocent bystanders)

So I think VAC and EAC these “these innocent bystanders” not very innocent?

I think that the official have to realized that should be self-examination,
not BAN mistakenly to decided his guilt.

When the player got innocent ban.
If he loves this game.
He sure will spend money to buy again, so the official order to earn their money?
Get ban just ban.
Even if you are innocent.

No gaming company can get away with forcing thousands to purchase a game twice simply because they upgraded to Windows 10.

These things happen by coincidence due to the differences and lack of testing in a new Windows version.

This will be sorted out. If anyone was unfairly banned, they will be unbanned soon.

What is happening is either a legitimate case of mass false positives or a batch of legitimate bans that are conveniently being blamed on running Windows 10. If it does in fact turn out to be mass false positives they will most likely be reinstated when things are sorted out.

Also, Facepunch has no control over if VAC and EAC were configured for Windows 10 if that is indeed the case. And as such, they couldn’t have had it planned as a means to sell more copies.

EDIT: Someone from EAC has for the most part confirmed that it was a false positive for most of the “victims”.

As players, we are defenseless, if and when you get VAC / EAC.
This is just a small complain because my friends are constantly in erroneous ban.
I just hope I do not end up into a criminal but also.
because I am 100% sure they did not do anything to violate game balance.

Why do u have to update to win10?

Also, even if u using win10, u aren’t getting banned only for using win10, I saw a couple of 8.1 and win7 user here in the forum complaining about the false EAC bans, but only a few % of win10 user here in the forum who got banned.

So it’s isn’t a win10 issue at all. (atleast as long as all the people here in the forum aren’t using a 2nd PC to post here and/or the forum software is heavily bugged and showing the wrong OS for everyone)