A small point about male genitalia

Why is every set of male genitals shaved? If I was naked in the wilderness struggling to survive, shaving my junk would be the last thing on my mind. How would they even do it? realistically they should be nasty and hairy, same with the female counterpart that is 100% guaranteed to be added. Change it now before I start posting pictures of hairy junk that would make even Garry blush.

They do have hair.

we don’t negotiate with terrorists. post away you bastard!

but seriously, i agree with you. i think it just comes down to the amount of hair on this player model. he’s bald, has no facial hair. his junk is basically hairless. maybe it will be a customisation option lol

Because it would be too real. We wouldn’t know the difference between whats real and what isn’t!

Yeah hiss ass is shiny too. Not cool.

lets just assume that radiation is responsible for the hair loss and baby dick syndrome.

Obvious, Newman has alopecia!

Must be your graphics settings , i see hair on the junk lol.

I think the genitals should be edited in how you want it to be. They could implement a character creation system. male/female an their genitals as you want it to be. I really enjoy the butt-naked aspect of the game, been wanting to play this type game for YEARS! genital size, boob size, ass, etc, height of character, hair, pubic hair, body hair, expressions, skin tone, would make the game a lot more solid in customization.

When you die as a character you could come back as that same character to. There could be a option to completely wipe the character look of your character but penalty of losing all your stuff since i think its too divisional to come back in a sleeping back as a different character.

This defiantly sets the game apart from others itself, there were very few games that had bare nude in it as characters. I did enjoy they actually made it work in those but this would could even do better.

It was the ‘event’- radiation killed his hair. All of it.

If you just got out of the Matrix you’d but naked and bald all over too. The real question is, is there a spoon? and are you the One?

There’s no proper LoD’ing for the hair.

…Why the fuck am I posting in this thread?

I think the penises being so tiny is great. Since I am female and the penis is about the size of a woman’s bodybuilding clit, I am one happy girl!


A What? a woman’s bodybuilding clit? haha i had to google that yet found no enlightening pictures

Did you add the word nude?

Small? What if they are growers not showers?

I freakin love the clit of a woman bodybuilder, it’s wonderful.

I am very sad and regretful that you gave me enough curiosity to look this up. Very, very regretful.

I hope they bring back the fur shader and add it to the balls, lol

edit: I also googled ‘bodybuilding clit’. What am I doing with my life?

I did when you mentioned to do so, and Mini Hot Dog Rolls was my first thought upon seeing what i saw.