A Small Request For Rust whats your guys thoughts on this?

Hi guys I’m new to Rust but a Veteran player all round. I was wondering what’s every one’s thoughts on adding some type of indication of some one using voice chat when there next to you like a little mic or something simple for now, I find it hard to point out whos talking to me some times when there next to me.

And last but not least I seen some one post something about having a like friendly list I thought that was a fantastic idea… Like having people who are friendly to you have there name blue or something that way we can quickly indicate there friendly instead of asking every time they pass why B(&* your friendly?? while pointing a gun at the same guy like 10 times till you realize who it is lol.

I Know both of these might break immersion but honestly this game doesn’t need to be ULTRA realistic if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1339980 This was literally suggested less than an hour ago.

Also no friendly list, that’s stupid.

That’s great! Thanks man. And was just thinking honestly if Garry puts in that voice indicator that would solve both problems! Thanks allot man for the link that’s exactly what I wanted. Cheers.