A small scouting party investigating some wreckage in the desert.

Just pissing around with some fallout models.


Minimal editing because i have no idea how to edit on fancy schmancy dust and stuff piled up against the vertibird.

Those guys look fine to me.

If only they had their safety harnesses on they may have survived that.

it’s the future

fuck seatbelts they have POWER ARMOR

no it’s a reference to old world blues

Wasn’t the same reference near the beginning of fallout 2? When you find the crashed vertibird and dead enclave soldier.

This is just awesome.

No, he’s talking about a very specific kind of safety harnesses. Scene could do with a bit better lighting though.

Nice work, gotta love the posing :slight_smile:

Power armour only really keeps you safe if you’re a genetically modified supersoldier from the 41st Millenium.

Do you mind if I try to edit it?

Also, I’ve been looking for these ragdolls for quite a while now, I suppose they’re being privately released, correct me if I’m wrong.

Sure, i’ll upload the completely unedited original if you’d like.

And the NCR guys aren’t released yet, not sure when they will be. The enclave guys are though, if it’s any help.